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Starter Deck Pegasus

Ultra Rares
(1) Relinquished [1st Edition]
Super Rares
(2) Graceful Charity [1st Edition]
(1) Gryphon Wing [1st Edition]
(1) Aqua Madoor [1st Edition]
(1) Armed Ninja [1st Edition]
(1) Black Illusion Ritual [1st Edition]
(1) Black Pendant [1st Edition]
(1) Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon [1st Edition]
(1) Castle Walls [1st Edition]
(1) Change of Heart [1st Edition]
(1) Dark Hole [1st Edition]
(1) De-Spell [1st Edition]
(1) Dian Keto the Cure Master [1st Edition]
(1) Dream Clown [1st Edition]
(1) Enchanted Javelin [1st Edition]
(1) Fissure [1st Edition]
(1) Giant Soldier of Stone [1st Edition]
(1) Hane-Hane [1st Edition]
(1) Hiro's Shadow Scout [1st Edition]
(1) Illusionist Faceless Mage [1st Edition]
(1) Jigen Bakudan [1st Edition]
(1) Magic Jammer [1st Edition]
(1) Man-Eater Bug [1st Edition]
(1) Manga Ryu-Ran [1st Edition]
(1) Mask of Darkness [1st Edition]
(1) Monster Reborn [1st Edition]
(1) Muka Muka [1st Edition]
(1) Mystical Space Typhoon [1st Edition]
(1) Red Archery Girl [1st Edition]
(1) Reinforcements [1st Edition]
(1) Remove Trap [1st Edition]
(1) Ring of Magnetism [1st Edition]
(1) Robbin' Goblin [1st Edition]
(1) Rogue Doll [1st Edition]
(1) Rush Recklessly [1st Edition]
(1) Ryu-Ran [1st Edition]
(1) Seven Tools of the Bandit [1st Edition]
(1) Sonic Bird [1st Edition]
(1) Soul Release [1st Edition]
(1) Stop Defense [1st Edition]
(1) Toon Alligator [1st Edition]
(1) Toon Mermaid [1st Edition]
(1) Toon Summoned Skull [1st Edition]
(1) Toon World [1st Edition]
(1) Trap Hole [1st Edition]
(1) Ultimate Offering [1st Edition]
(1) Uraby [1st Edition]
(1) Waboku [1st Edition]
(1) Witch of the Black Forest [1st Edition]
(1) Yami [1st Edition]

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